Can we get a chat room

Why isn’t there a chat room in here?

They had one before, but my understanding was that it got trolly and moderation required too much work. It’s unlikely that one will be created again.

There are some essentially chatty threads going on here fairly frequently. You can join in some of them or start one.

I thought about making one off site, but then it would be off site and I don’t want to pull people away from here.

I’ve been asking for a Health and Fitness forum since 2008, so get in line.



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I think there should be a naturists forum that you can only post in if you are stark naked :wink:

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yeah man… this place is better as a forum…

this question comes up all the time… if it was possible and they wanted to do it… there’d be one…

just get used to the pace of the forum…

if you need something more real time and personal… find a friend or ask if anyone wants to private message…

and keep it clean… there are enough creeps on here already… if that’s your angle… there are sites for that already out there.

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