Can we enjoy life

Hey guys we all know that we all suffer bcoz of our sz and also any other mental illness in general.

We take meds but we are still not totally healthy mentally or physically.

Can we just say screw all this and all the negatives in our lives and just enjoy life.

watch movies, watch youtube videos, eat tasty stuff and just be calm and at mental peace for some time and just enjoy and be satisfied.

i know its a tall and unrealistic ask but still…

what do you say?


I’d love this. It’s not to be for me though. I always feel agitated and anxious.

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oh ok.

i am sure one day soon u will get what u love.

keep up the hope

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Yeah, probably wont be happy every moment, but great things are always happening.

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Ya u r right

Great stuff is happening

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Yes I love the simple pleasures in life, they get me by


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