Can we do something to prevent climate change

I have reached a conclusion that I can not do much to prevent climate change. My carbon footprint is quite low, I do not own a car and I ride my bicycle. I try to minimize my electricity consumption. I can not do much more.

But climate change is here. Today it was +5 C and raining, there is no snow and all lawns are green. Typically this time of the year should be cold, -15 C or colder and we used to have a lot of snow. Today I am worried about animals such as bears and Saimaa’s ringed seal and how they manage to spend this warm winter.


The only things I cant get rid of are my car and my gas supply. Apart from that I am off the carbon energy grid. I recycle all the plastic, metal, paper and cardboard I use too.

I don’t believe in climate change. Sorry activists

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There are economic benefits from this warm climate. People do not need to use so much oil, electricity etc. to heat their houses. I used to collect moths and I grew them and in the middle of winter I took their cocoons inside and beautiful moths emerged in the middle of winter, I hope this is not happening now in the nature.

At this point, not believing in climate change is on par with being a flat-earther or a creationist. Save the conspiracy theories for other sites, please. Here, we promote scientific facts.

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Well, let’s take it up with @SzAdmin.

Am I allowed to simply state that I don’t believe in climate change or not ?


I also don’t believe in climate change.



How Do You Prevent Something That Has Already Began…,

Many Years Ago…,

All We Can Do Is Shift Our Behavior Patterns That Rusts The Wires of Nature…,

Study Perhaps, What is Causing Problems…,

Go To The Government Websites That Are Tackling Problems One by One And Donate With What You Can…,

You’re Welcome… . …

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