Can we become psychiatrists?

I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 18 years old (although I think I’m schizoaffective).

I managed to finish med school. Now I’m studying Psychiatry. I’m about to begin 2nd year of training (4 years total).

I feel insecure because schizophrenia carries such a big stigma and nobody knows about my diagnosis.

Can people with schizophrenia become psychiatrists? What do you think about it?

And sorry, English is not my first language. :confused:


Your English is very good.

As to your question…I would think that that would depend on rules of your country. You could probably research this on the internet based on your country.

Its possible but I heard that if you have a mental illness you can’t become a Dr. I posted here about a female Dr who got her medical license removed due to schizophrenia. Its in the UK.

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I don’t know if you can hide your schizophrenia from them and from your environment. I don’t know if its illegal.

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Just from a cursory look at the internet the answer is probably “yes”. But your country could be different.

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Here finally found the Dr who got suspended:

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Thank you. I’ll research about the rules in my country. I hope it’s not illegal. :confused:

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Well, I’ve never been hospitalized and the Healthcare system in my country doesn’t know about my diagnosis (I go to private doctors for this reason and buy my own meds.)


How? Not from a pharmacy?

The healthcare system in my country gives free meds to those who are diagnosed with mental disorders.I don’t get free meds because I don’t receive medical attention from the national healthcare system so I have to buy my meds from a pharmacy.


Good luck, if I were you I would get another degree unrelated to medicine just in case something bad happens and you can’t practice medicine anymore.

Sadly I’m too old for that (32 years old) and I got bills to pay. :confused:

I’ve been able to hide my sz for 14 years. So I hope nothing bad happens in the future (I’m always willing to take my meds.)


i think you have a big advantage by having schizophrenia…you would be alot more insightful


Here in my country the psychiatrist require to issue different certificates for their patients if required. So they keep records of all.

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I think you will be okay, and that it is legal for you to practice. I think it’s more a question if your mental health will affect your work or not. If you feel that you can work without it affecting you I think you will be fine. Your experience may be valuable.

I know in my country they are recruiting people with personal experience with mental disorder to work as councellors for people who are in a acute phase of mental health problems.

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Hello, I think you can become a psychiatrist if you manage your symptoms well enough. I also am an MD and My psychiatrist (private) wants me to become a psychiatrist but I just told him it’s a possibility. I’ve heard of sz doctors all over the world even in the US (from Elyn Saks) also surgeons believe it or not. For now I am pursuing a theology post graduate degree to become a Counsellor and an author. It would be nice to do something on the sidelines too just in case the workload of medicine is too much for you. The good thing is that you have options, but I think you can do it with a good strategy, support and excellent coping skills.

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Definitely you can be a psychiatrist! In fact most psychiatrists and therapists have their own problems and their own psychiatrists and therapists that they see on a regular basis. Just like doctors go see other doctors for their health problems. You managed to finish med school and 2 years more than that, you just have a little more studying and you should be able to practice. Well done!

Yes, you can definitely become a psychiatrist. I wish I had a psychiatrist who was schizophrenic. There are doctors I’ve heard of, who are schizophrenic. Albert Einstein’s son studied to be a psychiatrist, but then got schizophrenia. Doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. That’s great, you only have 2 years left. Don’t let foolish stigma stop you from finishing.

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I wouldn’t stoop that low. And I’m a friggin janitor.

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