Can we be more specific

I’m just wondering if we can be for specific about the issues being faced in these posts so it would be easier to give advice. Explaining that your suffering from: anxiety, paranoia, voices, depression, mania, or what ever else it might be… with examples of how those things are affecting you, might help a lot. I’m suggesting giving more detail of your experience for 2 reasons: 1 to get better help and 2 to share more so others can relate better and learn. My 2 cents



yeah would help…but some caveats there!

From a clinical perspective a lot of it don’t matter. For example. It’s common to say your paranoid but the things your saying cover a lot of ground and meaning to the consumer/sufferer but not to everyone else.

My psydoc is really good and I am lucky to see him because he bulk bills the government. He still says it’s all an art and it really is. It’s all about individual responses to psychiatric problems…

…I’m not sure if I get your meaning…it’s often subjective to an extreme…it just is what it is!

A friend in the struggle,


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iE if someone is paranoid I’d be interested to hear what it’s about like other people listening, aliens, govt mind control, the mafia, ect. Would help add some color to the experience


I had satellite television talking to me 24hours a day telling me things about my lifestyle. I thought birds had microtransmitters on them helping the local intelligence agency keep tabs on me…

It’s delusionville. It’s nothing more than a brain chemistry going silly because of what is a basic genetic flaw.

It’s like reading a story you’ve heard before. There’s no value to it. We are all different. But we all have a similar experience! It’s not worthwhile thinking about it…it can be so seductive…and that is a big problem.

It is what it is…don’t get bogged down in the rubbish…take the medications and move onto living. There’s no value in the thematics…it’s a brain disorder.