Can we be conned out of our love?

Let’s say I have a lot of love. I get it from my family and my good fortune in life. Then I meet people who have a dearth of love. They are drawn to me. I cannot provide love to every person that needs it, can I? Just as a person can be conned out of his or her money, could I be conned or robbed out of my love?
When I have love do I need to hold on to it and protect it? What about people who use hate?

Love is not always about needs. Sometimes just doing things because you want to is good. Also people can drag you down by pulling you to them. Avoid those people. These people are toxic and only want to use you for personal gain. For example, people always ask me to do things for them and I just don’t want to. And then they’ll try to push me into doing it and I’ll say okay. But that’s just doing what they want. So I will say okay but then I won’t actually do it. Being selfish is okay sometimes. Just don’t become too conceited and self centered or else you’ll lose all those around you who share love with. And then you’ll lose love anyway and you will suffer for it. Give well, give often, and give to those who you think can handle it. Take care :v:t4:

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