Can we be bothered about apathy? Approaching negative symptoms in schizophrenia

There has been an increased interest in research for the negative symptoms of schizophrenia over the last 15 years. This has resulted in better conceptualization and definitions of the symptoms. Nevertheless, negative symptoms remain a significant unmet need in schizophrenia, and more widely in many other psychiatric and neurological conditions.


they developing new drugs to treat negatives wonder when they will be released

I am waiting on those drugs too. Please be soon.

yeah they really need to address some of the negatives more often. Seems they only concern themselves with voices and whether you are going to harm yourself or somebody else. This is a real bad flaw in the system.

Personally, I believe current antipsychotics cause some of the negatives, particularly motivation, so that’s why it’s such a hard problem to fix.

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The focus has historically been primarily on dealing with what upsets the general public ,rather than on things that have a negative effect on the functioning/well being of a person with psychosis/severe mental illness .


I have the perception that the negative symptoms have become much worse for a lot of us over the last 6 months. Do you think that is true?

According to research negatives get worse over time, whereas postivies decrease.