Can we as schizophrenics add to society?

Hey the world is a mess.

And it always has been and may always will be.

SOMETIMES, I think we as schizophrenics have something to give.

Don’t you ever get sick of the patronizing doctor, family relative or friend who thinks YOU are mad?

Well write to this forum.

Do not be afraid. But try to “think” before you write.

What are the best “entities/ thoughts/voices/ impulses” influencing you?

Best to everyone.

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I have had visions for and done paintings for people who have found those paintings deeply touching and inspirational. That is my crazy contribution. :blush:


Do you make a living from it?

Hedgehog do you make a living from it?

Not at all! But I have a job too. The visions come to me, sometimes especially for people. I give those ones to the people they were for. Other visions that I paint do sell sometimes, but only maybe 2-5 per year. I don’t promote myself well.

Start charging money. Set up a website as psychic art.

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I’m a Christian, and as such for me I feel a huge responsibility to make sure glory goes to God, not myself. Whatever ability was gifted to me is from God. So, I don’t consider myself psychic (only psychotic :blush:)

If one believes humans evolved from a state that would have been considered an animal prior to the evolution, then our emotional capacity and understanding in and of itself is a product of evolution. The theory of evolution also includes that evolution takes place as a process of adaptation, often overcoming adversity, or environmental changes that require adaptation to overcome (so that the environmental differences are no longer an adversity).

Within that context, humanity as a species evolves emotionally, or is at least capable of it, in addition to other ways.

If all of that is true, then the only way humanity would continue to evolve emotionally is if there is emotional adversity, or greater needs for emotional capacity or functioning that are presented.

Which in a way would mean that without people in the world who require greater empathy and emotional depth from others in order to survive in their societies, humanity’s emotional evolution would be stifled.

So in addition to all of the little ways that anyone, regardless of MI or not, can have a positive impact on their immediate environment and those close to them, I think it’s also important to remember that as a person who struggles more than most, you are part of a much greater and very important process for your kin.


Well charge the customers and give it to the poor and needy

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Very clever … keep writing and try to publish.

I feel like it’s more so one of those very obvious things that most people don’t consider, than a clever thing. Forest for the trees and all that jazz.

I am the poor and needy :wink: I just need to be careful when I paint that people aren’t influenced toward anything false… It’s something I struggle with.

. I sold this one recently.


The obvious is always missed

BEAUTIFUL. keep going

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That is so gorgeous, @Hedgehog, it looks like hope after sadness.

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Thank you @Rhubot! Always perceptive! It’s Grace, which I believe is the solace after struggle. :heart:


It’s beautiful @Hedgehog :heart:


That is amazing! I love how the colors bring about a feeling of transition. Were do you sell them?


That’s lovely! I hope you keep on doing them, art is an incredibly powerful thing :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I don’t exhibit anywhere currently. To be honest, the last four sold after I posted them on Facebook. :blush: