Can ultrasound pick up mental objects in armpit before having MRI done?

I have a quote for MRI.

It is possible to perform MRI Or Ultrasound examination to have an exact diagnosis.

The estimated price of examination: 120 €

The estimated price of MR (two sided) : 650 €

The estimated price of Ultrasound : 150 €

The cost for the treatment is 1,250 EURO.

I havent told them the full extent of my I want MRI done, ie microchip. I do have have quite a lot of scaring. I’m worried because its an estimated price they will sting me with extra costs. I also want MRI print outs of scans so I can have them thoroughly looked at and make sure they havent been switched .

I have a court appointed person who looks after my finances as they say I lack capacity. If I say I wanted this doing and for them to action the money they can’t deny me can they?

Can ultrasound pick up mental objects in armpit before having MRI done?

I’ve been through metal detectors at Airports and they didn’t go off. MRI scans are more sensitive. if the object is metal is could really damage me but I suspect its high grade technology as its been implanted in me 29 years from when I was 5 years old. I had a operation on my legs then.

Please don’t get it done, there is no microchip although I know delusions are unshakeable


An ultrasound will see any solid foreign object, no matter the material. Then, if there’s something there, you can do the MRI. Added bonus of ultrasound is that they can turn the screen towards you so you can watch the image as they do it. You can even have another person in there with you.

I assume they’ll find nothing. If that’s the case, spend the MRI money on a therapist to help you move past this.

I thought one is not allowed to have mri anyway if there’s metal in you. I’m not saying there is

With covid going on i wouldnt go. I wouldnt go to a backhole country where you might disappear or never come back to satisfy some delusion. Im more afraid of death than my brain implant. Maybe I’m more rational and scared though…

Since you are uk, why can’t you go to Ireland or mainland Europe instead.

You literally want to go to the shittiest countries. Youre putting yourself in danger man.

I’m just trying to help.

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Is this a bad time to point out that you get fixated on horrible ideas, which make no sense and that will damage you financially?

d00d, stay home.


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