Can u put effort into ealin?

its all about ow make oters feel

You called?

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I honestly don’t see how making fun of a defective keyboard should make you feel bad. They are just puns, but I will keep my word if you don’t change your mind.

And again, where did anyone say anything about suspending you?

for @Bowens and @ZombieMombie



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Any one else reading all Pedros responses as if hes got some kind of speech problem lol?

Don’t want you suspended. Would like to see you that you’re having a life out in the real world. Step back from the broken keyboard and go for a walk outside. You live in one of the most beautiful countries in the word, bruh. Enjoy it!


Indeed, wicks are lovely. And they burn quite well also.

You get lots of free milk and bread with WIC.


Can you put effort into fixing your keyboard?