Can u experience love solely with logic?

I lost all emotions and feelings 9 years ago. It’s been so long I don’t remember what they were like. I did love a girl shortly before that but I haven’t experienced anything like it since. As well as family and friends, I feel nothing.

I hear these love songs, about love. Can love be reduced to a logical understanding?

Oh so you

If you have children, yes.

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This was a theme employing Spock on Star Trek . . .

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I grew up in an alcoholic home where it was not safe to talk, trust, or feel. Therefore I got separated from my feelings. Now, I think I need my feelings to make good decisions.



Sorry to hear that, @Esmtim. I’m also tortured by negative symptoms (lack of emotions, lack of pleasure) and sadly, I haven’t found a remedy or a replacement. Love can’t be reduced to logic, no matter how you look at it. Let’s wait for better treatments, I’m a bit excited about this new medicine called Cariprazine - available only in the US for now; they claim it can improve the negative symptoms of sz.

I am in the US, my pdoc is waiting to be briefed on vraylar before she can prescribe it. I doubt it will help much, if its anything like abilify it will raise my mood ( which i don’t need) and give me insomnia and anxiety. Don’t get ur hopes up. Lotsa hype and placebo effect out there.