Can too much stress/trauma in adulthood induce sz/sza

I have had too much stress in the few years before and after i was diagnosed. curious if anyone thinks stress or trauma alone could turn a normie or minimal symptom mood disorder into sza or even full blown sz. Or can a normie escalate from PTSD to SZ after an induced trauma

4 near death experiences in my life. 1 in early adulthood, impaled in face, neck, and chest (21yrs old). 1 major electrocution and fall which i still dont know how i survived. Almost cost me my left hand as well as my life(28 yrs old). Then a major infection of the face which almost got to my optical nerve and brain (almost lost eye just made it to hospital before collapsing)(29 yrs old). Then survived major electrical explosion inches from my head damaging my face arms and eyes (30 yr old). Not to mention other stressors, including, losing my house and business at 29 yrs old. Im now 31 yr old.

Now i was dx’d when i was 28 and had been bipolar before the sza dx. But after annual psychotic breaks in my late 20s my symptoms and meds have still gotten progressively worse with almost daily bouts of psychotic symptoms. I know i was most likely destined to have this illness but i do feel my traumas have exasperated my condition. And it does bring about something to ponder. Could i have possibly avoided my sza dx if i avoided these tramas?

Could adult trauma induce sz/sza in a normie? Or would this be purely PTSD? How much does stress have to do with the excalation of the symptoms AFTER dx’d? Or is it someting predetermined in our genes and developmental years?

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I think it’s plausible.

I have no genetic history of schizophrenia in my family. The only things that preceded my psychotic episodes which subsequently lead to my diagnosis of schizophrenia were life stressors.

Nothing as dramatic as yours, but everyone’s breaking point is different.

I think it can be either or both.
For me, I think I waa genetically pre-disposed. I had major life stressors and health issues unrelated to sz, but those never really affected my sz symptoms neither increasing or decreasing them. Now in MI, every little stress, anything out of the norm, makes my symptoms worse. So stress events do seem to be the starting point or triggers of onset.