Can this monk save my life

My mom’s friend recommended me to seek the help of a monk who is supposed to be very spiritual, to help pray for me to get better. He said in a year my life will get better. My mom’s friend said he helped transform his nephew’s life and attitude when nothing else would work. I hope that his prayers will work.

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I’ve heard of studies in which patients who were prayed for fared better than those who weren’t as well as studies concluding the meditative states of these sorts of people are very real and not you’re normal state of mind. What kind of monk? Religion/demonination? As I’d say sure have them pray for you.

Though I’m open to spirituality and even religion I was in a moment of sheer desperation pushed into joining a Japanese religious movement called SGI (it was someone I’d known from my mid 20’s though not well) I drive to meet them at a conference and next thing I know I’m’d become a member. They believe that chanting the lotus sutra of Buddha’s teaching before an enshrined scroll can bring about anything you want in life. I disbelieved this as well as had distaste for their literature (veryy little Buddhism, very much publicity of their president (businessman/politician/living buddha)

I don’t know, I couldn’t accept their devotion to one man, respected their belief in world peace/harmony, distrusted the motives of this old acquaintance…but. There was a party I was invited to of old friends from my mid 20’s (not SGI) and the internal dialogue/‘feeling’ of internal voice broadcasting DID seem to be entirely absent while I was at this party. Who knows, maybe their chant really does work. Either way there’s no way I could ever recite six or so pages of a language somewhere between Chinese and Japanese at 1200 RPM as is required and expected. I don’t have superhuman abilities (at least not anymore heh)

That’s funny I heard that people who are prayed for don’t fare any better than those who aren’t.

Well, this is older research I’m referring to, turn of the millenium and yes they were saying that it did effect it though didn’t assign any explanation for this, as well as the monks in meditative states. I believe science should be open to the exploration of truth whatever that may be and not merely bully out all but one method or theory.