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Can They Test For Latuda?


Can they do blood or urine tests for latuda and how is it in terms of akathesia and other side effects? Thanks.


Nope 15charsacters


Lmao, thanks meghillagorilla


Is there an injectable form of it?


Latuda seems to make my jaw clench etc
I also seem more worked up,anxious etc

I think olanzapine was better for me.

They can probably take tests for most or all anti psychotic medication but I don’t know.

I want to get off latuda.
I was on half a tablet but for two days I’ve been on quarter tablet instead.

If they fear you do not take your medication and are at danger to yourself they can offer injections that are given once a month or every three months.
Tough luck if it’s a medication that doesn’t work well with ya hey…

Different medications suit different people etc


Thanks 15characters