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Can the meds help my somatic symptoms?


I hope i need just time on meds to recover from my somatic symptoms. Can the meds help? How this was for you? You know, its a tough part all this for me… its been 2 years that i am on the zyprexa…
But i have this kind of energy who goes to my feet and its terribly painful and depressing… Its not really a fatigue, its just some painful energy, an energy who should have been other emotions i guess…
I also upped my dose of the ap one month ago, maybe this and my efforts will help.


What type of somatic symptoms do u have @Anna1


I have sensations of some tiring, maybe emotional energy who goes to my feet sometimes. Its like all my emotions go to my feet instead of having a soul wow… On the other hand, in some other moments, i feel my brain in my head cause i ruminate too much and it feels like i have smth in my head :smirk:.
And some other stuff like stuffed nose, blurred vision and all this is due to my illness, not the meds, i am sure…
Was some of you so somatic too? How did you overcome this, please?


Wat do you mean by ur emotions go to ur feet?
Blurred vision could be from the meds


My somatic symptoms are delusional so APs help.


I get the “my brain feels weird/wrong” thing a lot. Sometimes it feels like there’s static in my brain. I can’t hear it, but it has that quality.


I mean that it feels like my energy, supposed to be emotions, is turning in something which goes to my feet… I always thought there are other schizophrenics who somatise a lot, but maybe i am more alone on this than i thought… I have bunch ot somatic symptoms and they all make me less active. My blurred vision is from the illness, i am sure of this. My vision is just foggy sometimes, its my ■■■■■■ up brain.
For the brain, well, i feel it cause i thought negatively and too much in the past, so i guess i focus too much on it. But i feel something in my head yes and its powerful and not pleasant at all…
Wave, you can be right. One of my docs said that it happens in sz to somatize yes. But i have lots of sz friends and they dont have many psychosomatic symptoms. I am a bit surprised from this.


I’m sorry you have this Anna 1, I don’t think I get psychosomatic symptoms. Have u tried regular exercise? It can make u feel better and focus ur attention on something else so u don’t ruminate as much.


I suffer from avolition and sometimes i cant even get from the bed, butterfly. Believe me, i fight, but its tiring to always fight… well, for my somatic symptoms, i can only say its strange my sz… Like for you, my friends dont have somatic things… maybe i am not even sz but something else…


Avolition is horrible I have it too. I am mostly in bed nowadays.


Yeah… but me i am like this since kid. Meds dont work on avolition. I am desperate in the evenings about my future :smirk:. I dont want to finish as an alone whackoo as the tv sometimes show us… be glad that you are not like this since kid…


I am sorry you had this since being a kid.
But there’s still enough time for things to change so I hope you don’t worry too much :sunny:


Yeah, i hope theyll change faster. With the tempo that i progress, ill feel smth better in 20 years :smirk:
Hey, people, do you lack certainty too? Me, i am so detached from my emotions etc that i am not sure of anything what i say or think… I just lack the feeling of certainty. I guess i am quite anhedonic too. Is it possible to feel finally smth good soon after 17 years of isolation? Or it will take a lot of time?


I definitely lack certainty. I doubt myself when I think or talk and am incredibly indecisive. I never know what I want or should do. It came with the illness. My self-esteem and sense of identity took a major hit.


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