Can taking Haldol and diazepam bring somebody out a anhedonic state and make them elated?

Particularly when you’ve feel being flat as a pancake with no joy in anything, you stopped taking Invega to hopefully cause hypomania, 3 weeks in you are very irritable and angry - you believe they’re is a conspiracy against you - You become isolated and withdrawn. They start you on 2mg Haldol and 2mg diazepam twice daily (morning and late afternoon)… You take for 4 days and drink some alcohol, you start feeling very happy and elated (something not experienced in some months. It feels good… Do you think Haldol and diazepam has some mood lifting properties - although delusions aren’t as strong. Can they make you feel elated? Or maybe hypomanic?

Idk. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to tell you.

@bobbilly Personally I think you are unhealthily obsessed with the desire to be hypomanic.

Yes I totally agree! I won’t hide I’m addicted to it, Anhedonia is so f-ing bad.

What you need is stability, not to swing from anhedonia to hypomania.

Just rang the CAAT team, they said don’t drink and if I get any other side effects ring 101. They can’t see anything in the BNF about comorbid side effects

I find Haldol made me worse to be honest. It was very effective but I wasn’t able to think properly on it and I feel it robbed me of 6 months. Diazepam I don’t really feel much benefit from so I don’t really take it. I have a few hundred 5mg tablets in my drawer. I probably should take them to a pharmacy as it’s a scheduled drug in the UK and don’t know if your supposed to have that much.

I used to get in a lot of trouble with the police, I don’t want to again!

I did too. I can understand wanting to be distant from he police.

I ended up in a youth offenders institute for a month. After that I didn’t want to break the law again. I was on the mental health unit and there were pretty messed up kids there who’d done some pretty terrible things.

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I’m sorry I posted that comment = illegal stuff, now deleted

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How old was you when you went to young offenders? I have some experiences of this. Don’t want to put here though

That’s cool. I am not worried about talking about it as it’s all in the past now.

I was 16.

Can I PM you…?

Sure. Np. 15151515

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