Can’t stand my restlessness

Is there an antipsychotic that doesn’t cause restlessness? What could I do to get rid of my restlessness and still be properly medicated?

The antispychotics with the lowest risk of akathisia and other movement related side effects are supposed to be Seroquel and Clozapine, because they block dopamine less strongly. Zyprexa probably also has a bit of a reduced risk, but not as low as Seroquel or Clozapine. However, such side effects can occur with any antipsychotic.


The only anti psychotic I have tried that didn’t make me restless in some way was Seroquel. Seroquel really helps with sleep too. My doctor gave me trazodone in case I’m too restless at night. Sometimes benzos help during the day with that too.

Akathisia is hell.

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I get physically tense on risperidone.

I take a supplement called Beta Alanine. It gets rid of restlessness and anxiety (more or less).

I take about 1500mg (2 capsules) in the morning and the effect lasts for about 9 hours.

I don’t know the long term effects of taking it. So experiment with it at your own risk !

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