Can’t shake the feeling

That something is off. I know I have an illness but it just seems to me that some people are aware of things that i’m not. Things that affect my life. Maybe just a few people are in the know, maybe most people, but I feel like I’m missing a truth that could lend itself to a more valid perspective. I can’t shake the feeling that I don’t know something important


same here…I cant really evaluate how things are because my youtube has become too saturated and I am distancing myself from events as much as I can…I know personally I am more sensitive every summer and this has prob been happening for awhile…

do u have anyone u can reach out to…Im getting non-stop instant de ja vu and synchronicity to be honest, a lot of people have said this–that usually happens to people before something…so —a lot of people thinking its gonna happen next year…getting warnings about july and next year and the us economy but i cant verify any of it…so i dont know what to think…

keep expressing your feelings tho- its a matter of finding people who u can trust to reach out to when you feel out of balance…

I feel suspicious of people too when I feel like somethings off and Im not being told things…sometimes people just hide crap or they told tell people everything…some people are in denial of their own reality its not just me or just you things have seemed off more so than normal

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I just feel like there’s something people aren’t telling me. Why am i so distrustful of people?

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Well tbf there might be. people don’t always say everything out loud. Some like to be private about things because it affects them negatively if they do say some things out loud.

But that doesn’t mean they are doing it to prevent you from getting better… If you are struggling with delusion of persecution.

Yeah, I think I have trust issues :confused: I should probably work on that. I just know that not everybody can be trusted, so its hard to trust the universe when not everyone aligns with the same moral principles you do. I still trust that everything will work out, but I’m kind of over the blind naivety of trusting everyone.

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Yea I have trust issues too. With men and relationships. It’s normal for quite a large proportion of the population I think to have trust issues after experiencing certain experiences.

I try not to loose total faith but I certainly don’t trust everything too :wink: