Can’t get high on antipsychotics?

Does taking an antipsychotic prevent you from getting drunk or high (from marijuana for example)? For me, two months ago I took three strong hits from a marijuana vape and only felt lightheaded.

Seems normal, I don’t use any intoxicants but I remember awhile back when I did, I didn’t use the antipsychotics bc of this reason.

They definitely DO NOT prevent a person from getting drunk; if anything they are a mixture of drugs which health experts agree you should take seriously.

Still you made me think about marijuana, there I’m not sure but maybe others can help.

I could still feel the high of marijuana but anyways it wasnt a good high it was horrorific i havent drank alcohol for months though so i dont know about that.

Ap block receptors in the brain, reduces symptoms. Thats why you dont get a strong hit.

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AP’s didn’t affect my drug use—unfortunately. I got addicted to crack, drank and smoked pot. I could never handle pot once I became schizophrenic. On meds, or without meds.

I said unfortunately because maybe if AP’s interfered with my drug use I would never have become addicted like I did.

Guys, we only allow discussion of drugs and alcohol in a recovery sense.

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