Can SZ put you in trouble with the law?

For me yes, my brothers and psychiatrists always supported me :heart:

My psychology teacher is a forensic psychologist and told us that it happens that SZs are put in jail by error.

Once when unmedicated I thought I was Jesus and that jews were trying to kill me. I was so scared of jews that I got into a fight with one on FB. Federal police agents came to my house, my brothers told them I was unmedicated and they left me alone.

It was scary and the fact that I have apathy makes me unable to defend my self.


I’ve had brushes with the Law because of my affliction…

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My forensic psychology teacher told us so much sad stories that I won’t say the worse ones here. Like someone who killed his own mother and another, a mother, who drowned her 3 babies in a bathtub. @Ninjastar Remove this if I am not allowed to say it.

No. Schizophrenia does not put you in trouble with the law. Poor decisions put you in trouble with the law. People with schizophrenia are more prone to making poor decisions, but anyone capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong is capable of choosing to do right. Blaming your mistakes on schizophrenia does a disservice to the many of us who choose to do good in the world, and have to face the stigma of others who view schizophrenics as dangerous and violent.


Why I was scared of jews then?
My forensic psychologist job is to choose who is genuinely mentally ill and who is truly a criminal.
That’s how they choose who goes to mental hospital and who goes to prison.

Because you have racist tendencies and were raised in a racist environment. Being schizophrenic does not cause racism.

How come I had many jewish friends then? Men and woomen and NO I AM NOT RACIST

I had a fear of jews BECAUSE I thought I was Jesus.

Jesus was Jewish and all his friends were Jewish. It is a racist delusion.

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People with mental illness can misread situations and get in trouble with the authorities.


That’s what my forensic psychologist told my class!

He works with cops and judges. He decides if someone is truly mentally ill or faking.

I do not at all support the trend of blaming poor decisions on a mental illness. Being mentally ill CAN make us so out of touch with reality that we don’t know what we are doing. in very rare circumstances. But afterwards, when you are out of your episode, it is your responsibility to say “I did this terrible thing and I will apologize and try to make things right.” And then take steps to make sure you never hurt anyone again.

And I honestly don’t care what a forensic psychologist said. I have worked in behavioral therapy for eight years on actually CORRECTING dangerous behaviors in people with mental illness. The only way to change a behavior is to first accept that YOU are responsible for your own actions.

There is also lawyers specialised in mental illness:

I’ve been diagnosed with ‘delusions of persecution’.

Years ago i felt people on a website were mocking me…then threatening me. So I threatened them back and when I did they called the Cops. I had to go down to the Police Station and talk with a detective…who very nearly charged and arrested me.

I wasn’t in my right mind and was misreading everything which got me in trouble.


This is ridiculous. Someone is not responsible for his or her delusions. The insanity defense is not a joke.


That’s a personal perspective and it’s your own right and perspective. I agree that not all ppl think like you or like me.

You don’t understand. After the lawyers and forensic psychologists decide people belong in mental institutions instead of jail, they send them to facilities like the places I worked. And I have seen many people there who, quite frankly, knew what they were doing and just didn’t care. They thought they had it made in the shade because they could act out as much as they want with zero consequences.

There were also people who honestly didn’t know what they were doing and were truly not accountable for their actions. None of those people would be capable of holding a debate on why they shouldn’t have to take responsibility for their actions.


I am not saying its a good thing but things happen and sometimes by error. I thank god that I found the perfect med and that I am stable now and don’t have paranoia anymore. I feel bad for others that their med didn’t work or because they are homeless or can’t afford meds.

I bit the policewoman. She pressed charges but dropped them later

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