Can sz cause immaturity?

I feel that sz made me immature. I have inappropriate emotions sometimes.

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I guess immaturity approaches insanity.

I think it can. Paranoia and other symptoms make it hard to be social and you can get lost in your own thoughts for sure.


I find since the voices are so childish and immature themselves, it sometimes brings out the same and me. Tit-for-tat kind of thinking.

But that does not define who you are

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Yea true, good points.

@rogueone @Cragger

Major health disorders can interrupt normal psychological development. Alcoholics can be stunted in terms of how mature they are because that disease interrupted their normal psychological progression.

One of those things I needed therapy to help with.


I have heard that there are groups through AA specializing in helping adult children, as they call it.

Basically, exactly what you are describing

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No, you’re immature! Nyeahh! So there.

Yeah I guess I’m a little immature.


Neener neener neener.


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I read that too much alcohol shrinks the brain. I saw MRI of alcoholics in a scientific journal. Street drugs do the same too like cocaine.

Man, I’m doomed.

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I meant the study was for those who drank heavily for 20+ years.

Parents got me drunk as a preteen to make it easier to molest me (mom plus freak of the week boyfriend). I got drunk as a teen and stayed that way. Stressed the heck out of my liver and it was a mess when I quit at age 23. I would have died soon if I hadn’t stopped. I didn’t develop normally between that and the autism.

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Thats sad, did you report your parents?

No. 15151515151515

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