Can spirits go beneath the ocean surface?

Can they do that? And can they do it safely?

Can they travel the universe, and safely?

I choose that, im just gonna do that.

They told me once they walk all the way across the desert and not feel it’s heat, it’s not hot to them, and they need not food or water.

Well, that would be a drastic improvement.

Im just gonna do that.

Flesh is an absoulte drag.

i heard very clear voice in my head that was saying he isnt worth living.
which makes me absolutely sure about observers, observing our daily lives
if they are right about the first fact i dunno, because it has perspectives on it
mine may differ from them, or an absolute one so i dunno.

but yes i believe there is some existence there next too us, that neither need food or water.
i think it was always was there, given the age of the universe and our humble speck of existence within
the age of the universe.
Because i sincerely believe in an pyramid of order.
I do guess that the absolute god gives live too demi gods and so one…
which taken further WE somewhere end up.

but yes i do agree, i sometimes would rather be free pure energy, i suppose
yet hard too say because i dont know how the life of free pure energy is.

I do believe in water spirits.

There were some kids my sister was kid sitting and they believed that ghost could go underwater, but if they did, they would get sticky and have a hard time floating on land again until they dried out.

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