Can someone w/ sz become a psychologist or such

Or be a nurse or a doctor?

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I think I remember reading about a well known psychologist who is treated for sz.

I need to double check.

That would be interesting. It would probably be hard for them to get clients if people knew.

I believe it’s possible.

If symptoms are very controlled, why not?

There are people with SZ who are doing quite good… I wanted to became a psychologist, only my exam result was… not enough.

But there are people with SZ which are very intelligent and manages their illness. So I believe it’s very possible.

Just I have this one question in my head now- what if the person would relapse in the workplace? Or overall relapse.

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Yes it can but I don’t believe it will be good, just in my opinion psychologist should have healthy mind. To help others

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And I wouldn’t go to psychologist like that would you?

I would go.

If it’s a good psychologist, and even if it has SZ… probably would understand my symptoms better than any other person without SZ.

Of course such kind of psychologist should be very stable, almost without or without symptoms… but why not.

Why we have so many myths on schizophrenia?
It seems even here some people have this idea that we’re totally insane or untrustworthy…


And it will look into you with his /her crazy eyes :eyes:

Crazy eyes??
Really? I hope you are simply sarcastic

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No I’m not I m delusional

Somehow I have this idea that your account is ain’t real.
But I am not sure, for real

My account :smiling_face_with_tear:, i will ask my pdoc about that

My friend with Sz works full- time. It’s possible!

I didn’t have a good outcome. I can’t do nothing.

John Nash was a doctor in mathematics and he had schizophrenia.

i meant a medical doc

I’m a medical doctor and I have sz. There are so many people out there who are thriving with sz. Some have it better and some worse after all it’s a spectrum. Just believe in yourself, take meds and work hard. I’m not the first doc with sz and definitely not the last. If you need help get some and anything is possible.


You’re doing amazing… It’s literally awesome and great.
I would be happy if I will succeed at communication or journalism…
My parents would loved if I would became a doctor. Just my psychosis started early and whole grades went down…
But I am trying very hard right now. I hope I will reach masters degree and somehow will be capable of working.
Thanks for positivity @Rosette



Its possible but it depends on your symptoms, positive, cognitive and negative. We had a member here who was studying in medschool to become a neurologist. He hasn’t posted in a while. Also lookup Elyn Saks, she is a psychiatrist I believe and has multiple degrees including Law. She wrote books about battling her sz.

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I was in a Home Office UK, funded hospital for those with personality disorders, way back before i was dx’s sz. And i learnt alot of psychology from there.

It was what you would call a Theraputic Community - run by the 22 of us. The staff didnt vote new residents in - we did strangley enough.

It stood me in good stead, with the schizphrenia diagnosis, cos i learnt how to challange my feelings, and almost develop a second brain, that would question what the first one was doing.

This was a time in 1999, when the uk was considering a bill, locking up those with personallity disorders, before they commited a crime.

I have never agreed with the PD diagnosis. And identify far better being sz.