Can someone tell me if social security is going to get a raise next year?


it’s been several years since we had a raise…anyone know?


2.8% raise. About the same as my rent is going up.


hot damn !! yayyyy…


You pay into social security all these years and you get crap pay.


Asking my boss for a raise this morning. Expecting to hear “it’s not in the budget.”


Good luck with that mrsquirrel


Well, a younger and mind-blowingly incompetent younger co-worker has been offered a promotion. I’m the one who cleans up after him constantly, so I believe that will come up.


You do seem to have a problem with younger people, though. Maybe try not to show that when asking for a raise.


Not sure if there is gonna be a raise, I thought there was already one for this year. I heard Trump made some cuts to social security itself a couple of months ago. There may not be any raise at all, but it shouldn’t go down. I haven’t been keeping up too much lately. Not sure what the update is on that.


Only the ones who don’t work hard. Out of the seven we have, six are problematic. Every employer in town I talk to is having the exact same issues.

Oh, and I’m getting a raise.



I’m getting 21$ more


You definitely deserved one.


I think there is a raise for all of us this year, 2.8%. Not sure if it applies to all or depends on some state laws also.


I think there will be a raise but I wasn’t notified yet, so I’m not sure.


I was notified now it is a good increase.


2.8 percent for everyone. They sent me a message in my social security on line. It tells you what your new payment is and when you can expect it.


My father just told me that I got notified and I’ll be getting a small raise.
I think it a couple of bucks more a month.

Hey even a small raise is better than nothing.


Yeah i got my notice in the mail yesterday. 2.8% increase. Every little bit helps.


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