Can someone tell me a song from this list that I can cover?

Hey guys, I’m having creative bursts right now and I want to cover some songs, only problem is, I don’t know what songs to cover!!! Here are the songs I know:

In the end by Linkin park

Unbreakable by fireflight

New divide by Linkin park

still doll (In japanese) by Kanon Wakeshima

Mlp songs:

Lullaby for a princess

Celestia’s ballad

This day Aria

september by the living tombstone


the game of life

synchronicity (All three parts in english)



witch hunt

even kunoichi want to love

childish war

lost ones weeping

cant i even dream

Event horizon

Other songs:

iridescent by Linkin park

Cara mia from Portal 2

three albums worth of within temptation songs

a bunch of nightwish songs

many three days grace songs

some sleeing with Sirens songs.

How about New Divide by Linkin Park? Then do some nightwish songs.

Sure thing! But they are gonna be accapella because I dont have the minus tracks for those songs XD

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