Can someone post some pics of Christmas lights on this thread?


There are some houses on my block that have put up Christmas lights…love it…wish I could see more, can you help me?


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Not my house.
Just a photo off of google.


I would hate to get that electric bill. :bulb::bulb::bulb:


I always think of this when I think of house Christmas lights.


I love the vacation movies!
Hilarious! :joy:


oh man, I can’t wait to watch Christmas Vacation every Christmas…we are going to wait until it’s about the 22nd or so…thank you for that video.


Nobody in my neighborhood has lights up yet but some guy down the street went crazy for Halloween. He had tons of decorations. I should have taken a picture.

I ordered some colored outdoor lights from Amazon. They are solar and I got them after it got dark today so I will set them up tomorrow and take a picture. I used to put up all blue lights.

I lost all my decorations in the flood we had here in 2016. Lost my two fake Christmas trees and all my ornaments.

I had them in a storage unit and I had to throw out a bunch of stuff but those were all still good and I saved them and the storage unit went out of business and I lost everything else. I had two really nice aquariums in there



The people across the street have a huge spotlight sitting on the ground projecting “Merry Christmas” with three foot tall letters on the front of their apartment building. I’ve never seen this before but it’s actually pretty cool.

It’s a little different than when I was living on the tough east side of town ten years ago where every other night the police were flying a helicopter overhead with a big spotlight shining over my neighborhood while screaming through a megaphone for people on the ground to stop running.




Earlier on, when I came home, I thought that I should take some pictures of the Christmas lights that are at front of my 3 story apartment. So, seeing this thread I thought I would go outside in the cold and use my camcorder to record some shots. The darn camcorder does not take photos, so I instead could record and then play it on my computer and hit the “Print Screen” keyboard button to capture photos.

Off I went outside and activated the camera. But for the first time in about 7 years, the battery was dead. Maybe tomorrow I will try again.




Thank you :smiley: I needed a new profile pic :slight_smile:


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