Can someone please message me I need to talk

I’m sorry you’re having neighbor trouble again. Try to remind yourself that you’re not doing anything wrong. There is nothing they can overhear that would get you into trouble. And when the insults start, try to drown them out with headphones and remind yourself you’re a good person. You are not any of the mean names they call you.


Syou know that’s the thing I can’t tell really ifg they’re ■■■■■■■ with me. I’ve heard how’s sluts and whorez from them.

You’re not a ho, ■■■■, or whore. You know this about yourself. It hurts to hear people saying mean things about us, but you can’t control their behavior. So it’s better to ignore it using whatever strategies you can.


I’m going to implement what my counselor told me but sz wants to be this way.

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What did your counselor tell you?

Write down when it occurs. Put on headphones,when I hear a curse word to ask myself could they be calling each other names etc…


I know its hard to believe but just about everywhere I’ve lived I have been attracting stupid people.

Those seem like good coping skills. I hope they help you.

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I also leave the TV running on low volume at night.

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That’s actually a good suggestion. Bob Ross is so boring.

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Piece of ■■■■ called me a ■■■■ as I was going into the kitchen. I hope he and his bitch die. I’m sick of their bs. Should I call the cops

When I need to block out I either listen to music or audio books loudly through headphones. It doesn’t completely help but makes things manageable for me. I also write poetry if the muse is available.

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The cops can’t really do much about someone saying bad words inside their own home. Stick to the plan your counselor suggested, and see if it helps.

Even when he’s following me from room to room?

And yelling at me?

Really. If he is doing it from his own apartment, the cops are powerless. How are the headphones working? Can you still hear him through the headphones and music?

So I can’t do anything about the harassment?
I can hear a little but why should lii day I go all day Listening to headphones to not have to hear the asshat.

My mom went through a thing with our neighbor harassing her for a while. The cops told us that they couldn’t do anything unless the neighbor threatened bodily harm. And even then, you have to prove that the person did it. Verbal threats aren’t taken seriously. It has to be in writing, so you can prove they actually said it.

@roxanna - How are you feeling now? Can you get some rest? Quasall!

So I have to put up with this bs. What about calling the real estate company that owns this place?