Can someone please message me I need to talk

My mind is starting in again. I’m thinking worse.

Thanks for the help. %&#&$$

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Hey, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Night seems to be the worst for you, huh?

Yeah. I don’t know whast to think ofit

Nights are harder for me, too. What do you usually do during the day that distracts you?

what’s up talk to me i could always support my chat friends

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Hobbies clean,house. Etc…

Just having an episode

Sorry but we are not great talkers… :frowning:

But at night you’re getting ready for bed, and there is nothing to distract you? That’s how it is for me.

I cope by playing something really boring to put me to sleep. My husband records himself reading his notes as a way to study, and I use his recordings to go to sleep. Other people play Bob Ross episodes, or audio textbooks. I don’t know if that would help you.


You or everybody?

Many of us I think… :frowning:

Neighbors fucvking with me again.

What are they doing this time?

Going to my air vent or wherever I’m sitting and just listening to me. I casnt ■■■■■■■ talk no more.

Sleep is my escape

Damn that sounds pretty ■■■■■■ up
these neighbors better lay off.

Do you see them doing it?

In just saying that’s what it feels like. When my boyfriend leaves for a while ill leave my bedroom and go to the living room and the erude follows me stops in one place then when I go to the bedroom he follows me back.

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Has followed me to the bathroom.