Can someone please just tell me the truth?

Ok so again my family coming over to talk about and they are telling me how I’m on camera and that they hope I suffer and that someone is coming to kill me and my children. So can someone just tell me the truth?

You are not on camera, I promise. These are very scary thoughts/concepts, so I totally understand your fear. But they are not real.

Did you read up about the Truman delusion that was posted in your other thread? I think the now you last about how coming it is the easier it will be to have insight and tell reassure yourself that it is not real.

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But what about when everyone around you is telling you it’s real. My family is telling me I’m on camera and that the whole world is watching me or they are watching me on microphone, it’s something. Now I hear people outside yelling at me from outside.

Your family sounds cruel. Are they supportive? Do they understand that you have sz and saying things like that are dangerous? Do you think they could be doing it to be mean to you?

That could be the case but everywhere I go I hear people talking about me. Now I asked my sister am I on camera and now that my aunts are here she is saying she don’t know. Any other time she says no.

Your family sounds very mean. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that


The truth is you’re highly delusional @anon55704218.
No one is out to get you or harm you.
Please talk to your doctor immediately or go to the ER where it’s safe.

I’m wishing you well.


Hearing people talk about you is very common with schizophrenia. Even with good insight and on meds that work well I still sometimes hear peeled talking about me when they’re really not.

I’m sorry your family is doing this to you.


Okay now I’ve heard this so many times on this forum and it always confounds me, when you say your family is telling you these things, are they telling you with their mouths and voice boxes, or are you hearing voices in your head that you think are them?

Because it’s only them if you see it come out of their mouths while you’re looking at them. Anything in your head is gonna be hallucination nonsense.


When I’m upstairs I hear them downstairs talking about me.

I think you are hallucinating. You probably need your meds adjusted.


I got that talk about myself too and need to do something about my med

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I’ll get suspended again. Sorry. Hope you don’t get too paranoid. it sucks.

I’ve been kind of a wierd loner most of my life now. I mean very wierd, very wierd. Was put in the hospital several times in my 30s. I guess I’ve calmed down some in my 40s, so I don’t get called in by the hospital or police anymore, or I havn’t been.

I think y ou are hallucinating. Even here you have thought people were saying you were on camera. You’re not. They don’t film everyday people for tv all day and night.


If u have been hallucinating and deluded like this for quite a while and been on the same medication for quite a while, maybe tell your doctor that it may be time to try a different antipsychotic, because this is obviously causing u much distress

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I also used to be able to hear my family talk stuff from another room that they weren’t actually saying. I understand how that is and I’d hope a med change might help and ask your family to stop telling you it’s real with the cameras and stuff, they have no evidence and that’s because it’s not true why on earth would it be

I keep hearing people talking about me being on camera it’s hard to believe I’m not :cry:

I think they wanted the world to torture me and that’s because they were mad at me for leaving my house years ago.

You are not well @anon55704218.

You need to get in touch with your doctor.