Can someone humor me

Is it Abit odd being acokehead and following vdownstairs neighbors try to screw with others life ■■■■■■■ ohshe slept with this dthouggtand that cmon now

Come on rox. Tell your pdoc that meds don’t work. Arent you tired of this everyday?


What do you call a nut that’s been liberated,

cracking the code.


I’m gonna deal with it as usual u to Nov 16,
Those fyckheahds can run a ward shitty food abusive staff. If I go now it’ll be to jail. I’m tired of saying this ■■■■ with your meds ■■■■ with your meds ■■■■ with your meds. Go on something that most likely will put you in a voma if it ■■■■■ with your white blood cell

That’s a ■■■■ drug and labs will prove it.

I want to try invega

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Your not talking logically.

Nothing is going to happen that’s positive.

Beware Nutcase
Do not open
Trespassers will be prostituted

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