Can someone check on upon my friend Niraj Ka...(the sexiest man alive) I have a bad feeling

i have him on facebook but he messaged me on skype in gibbrish and i asked if everything was ok that he was joking but propably not, here’s a transcript…

niraj 19:39

nut syill impuswe roublr…


niraj 19:39
hard to dllrp.


niraj 19:41
i can seep

justrlikh hign

man are you ok ,

niraj 19:43
no y=took pill znd my igh,’

whats going on man are you in emergency?
did you take too many pills?
are you ok ?

@far_cry0 from the forum, my friend

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He was last seen here 8 hours ago.

Oh ■■■■, that’s scary.

Best case scenario he’s doing an ambien thing. Like posting half consciously.

Yes he’s on ambien

since a few days on ambien

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That sounds bad. I hope he will be ok

I have him on FB too but he’s not currently online. Last seen: 2h ago.

He has mentioned insomnia to me. Also he recently underwent red light therapy for 30 days, dunno if that could cause insomnia.

It 1 or 2am in Nepal right now. Hopefully he’s sound asleep.

@Andrey I hope so too that he’s fine, I’ve heared it before Ambien can cause these states… he said he would up from 10 mg to 20 mg if it didnt work…

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Sorry @jeroenp i think i was sedated … this happens normlly … i have did this before …

But i am normal … i need m0od satbilizer…
Plus ambein isnt working perfectly …

U guys wish will bey strength…

Love you all …


Good morming guys…


Ambien makes people do weird things sometimes.