Can Someone Be Honest

And tell me honest opinions.

I have hopes and positive outlook for changes for better life.

Getting a good job, going back to college and
I’ve recently got a housing in tact.

But I have a felony record. Due to command hallucinations.

Should I give up on life?

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No way man! Don’t give up!! Keep your head up and focus on your goals!! Don’t listen to the voices in your head either!


Of course not. What a silly question. No one is going to say yes to that.

Good luck with your goals @Abise


I wouldn’t go giving up. Even if you can’t achieve all of your goals, you can feel good about the ones you do obtain

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Don’t give up. Maybe finish college and start your own business. Then you don’t have to worry about your past. If that’s too much for you, I still think it’s possible for you to become an even better person and to be successful. You can do this!

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My depression is not obstructing me… my background is…

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I know a few felons who do well for themselves, and are happy.


Honestly though I’m not sure if even McDonald’s would hire me

Is it the kind of thing you could have struck from your record? My friend had some charges from the past, but he was able to have them removed from his record somehow. A pardon

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