Can somebody die by the symptoms of schizophrenia?

yeah, there is the suicide but can we really die from the illness? for example, I stop eating… but I am worried sometimes that I can die, I went so far away with this thing called schizophrenia :confused:

It is possible. I thought I was invincble and god and jumped on to a moving car in delusion. I could’ve died it is dangerous. I don’t want you or anyone here to die :frowning:

oh, sotrry to hear that. yes… but in fact I am still convinced that I can die from my symptoms. I don’t do nothing serious though but I saw the falling down in the illness of my dad and I can say that he died from it :confused: he messed it with alcohol in fact

I read that drugs/alcohol use does not mix with us sz/a people. It is dangerous for our brains and our meds. I am sorry to hear about your father. Have you talked to a pdoc or therapist?

yeah they know that he died :frowning: that’s all. what can they do for it? nothing… yeah, I am dumb

Nah you aren’t dumb at all. Therapists are tricky. I personally prefer support groups; I find I relate more with them.

I am really paranoid today so I lost my appetite, but you have to eat Anna or you can get real sick.

Hope you feel better soon :sunny:

I wouldn’t say the disease itself is likely to kill you, but the things you are likely to do as a result of the disease can cause your death. They say a large number of the homeless are sz. Some of them freeze to death in the winter. Others die in different ways.

oh, sad thing crimby yes…iam close to the suicide but its a kind of aggression for me and I don’t wanna die with this aggression. there is of what to be envious of all stabilized schizophrenics cause me I am not stabilized at all :cry:
ive ■■■■■■ up all my life 13years ago and now nobody ask me how do I do… even the guy who I liked so much cause ive talked badly to him :/…

Just remember, things can change. It doesn’t always have to be this way. You can get through this.

My psychiatrist once told me that I won’t die of sz but that the metabolic symptoms such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes will cause my death.

oh come on fellowman, you have diabetes? its treatable also…