Can social security make me close my bank account?

I have a representative payee for my social security. She’s a bitch and called and told social security I had a bank account after I got onto her for paying my bills late. Can they really force me to close my bank account?

No they cannot, and you need a new Rep Payee, I have a checking and savings account, and my rep payee (my mother since she is the only one I trust) has to have a separate account for my SSDI.

However, if your account has more than $1,000 in it for more than 30 days you can lose your SSDI.

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What about my credit card? Can they make me close that? I use Lutheran social services for my payee

Not as far as I know, but they may suggest you close the card, if you start getting into financial trouble.

And I used a rep payee company called Maine Disability Services, they were closed after one of their employees reported that they were charging $20 for each use of the clients money., meaning if you needed 5 bills paid, they charged $100 for the use of YOUR money. And that is why my mother now handles all that crap

The only thing a payee can do is control the money you get from social security. You can do anything you want outside of that and once the payee gives you some money it’s yours to do with as you like.

I thought it was $2,000. I think it is $2,000 in Oklahoma. If you think about it, that rule is counterproductive because it discourages work and saving.

in my state it is 1000…if its different else where I am sorry

I thought there was only an asset limit for SSI, not SSDI?

sadly that isn’t the case, its really hard to get off any kind of government aid, since they make it almost impossible to transition. When I tried t get off SSDI I managed to save enough money to get an apartment and they cut off my benefits. I had to reapply after I got my apartment. Thankfully I now own a nice little farm, though its in need of repairs. It doesn’t have a central heating system, or even a functioning well, since the pump burned out a year ago. My biological father lived there for the last three years of his life, and he wasn’t found after his death until two weeks later…thankfully a charity group is going to help me fix the place up to get it in good enough condition to get homeowners.