Can social awkwardness(for sz) be cured just by practicing a lot?

Especially for people like us who have negative symptoms (alogia), do you think we need to treat that first before going out socializing? Or if you practice enough, that in itself will fix the problem.


What I’ve experienced is that going out In public with a friend helps. Then after that you might grow the courage to go out on your own. I too struggle with this.


It’s not an easy answer. I’m very social but when a child I learned to talk and just never stopped. I have a lot of failures but conversation is a skill and it is something that can be taught and learned.

Saying that. Getting the meds right so your at best function really does help. That can take a lot of tweaking and a lot of time but it’s worth it. I had alogia when I was on risperdal. I changed meds to zyprexa and that made a big difference. As always these are issues you need to bring up with your doctor.

Yes. It can be done. But get that head right first then your much better equipped!


I am seeing a therapist from mental health center to do CBT she will help me with such things as social anxiety
I will get thirteen sessions and I feel hopeful


In general: i think practicing helps a lot. I was insecure, introvert, awkward and shy as a teen and young adult. I am still a little socially anxious and not the most extravert person in the room, but better than in the past. I even have a very social job, give presentations, etc. Practice, slowly expose yourself to more social situations, it helps!

I am not sure about the alogia though, i have other negatives.


Both probably is best


I think it has helped me to use the internet. Some say that cyberspace is no sub for what’s “real,” but I beg to differ. I had an email pal for six years (2011-17). The only reason we broke was just that she hadn’t the time for me. Plus, this forum may be a good place to practice. And there is blogging for getting your thoughts out there.

My own attitude is, What’s the worst that can happen if you say the “wrong” thing? Are there right or wrong answers? There are always second chances. Life is great that way.


If youre a nerd like me you can join a guild in an MMO game and use voice chat to talk to people. Its good practice and helps get your confidence up for the real thing.

Other than that you just gotta go out and do it. Painful, I know


I was just talking to someone about this yesterday. I have aspergers, and sza. Aspergers makes it difficult to socialize, and sza doesn’t help😅. I learned how to socialize, none of it came very natural. Best of wishes to you.


I think taking the meds helps a lot but it also takes practice. Like anything else, the more you do it, the better you will be at it. That’s my theory, at least.


Been in a few group settings during my 45 years as a psych patient. I’ve never learnt to socialise well.

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yes I think so, and also belief in yourself.

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A little bit of social anxiety sometimes but I just really love the idea of people!

My gf can go out and easily talk and engage in conversation with everyone she meets and people seem eager to talk to her. Me, people seem anxious to get away from me and I don’t know why. I’m so jealous of my gf that way.

There are 2 types of training that can be done:

  1. read out loud from a book every day or an hour to strengthen the speech areas of the brain,
  2. sing karaoke for 20 mins a day to increase expressiveness.

When I’m out in public, socializing gets easier for me, as long as I know when to shut up.
but some days it seems so hard to talk and not have folks look at me lime I’m a giant bug.

It’s ok to be socially awkward. Things can change though and people can change no matter how old they are. We got to believe that.

I’ve become more sociable after the sickness/meds. But it doesnt come easy or natural for me.

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