Can smoking interfere with risperdal

Can smoking interfere with risperdal? Should I quit smoking?

That’s an interesting question because I smoked when I was on risperdal and there was a reaction that might have been due to it. I also felt oral fatigue and overate.

Can it keep it from taking my delusions away cuz I am taking it and still getting it

You used “it” 4 times and I don’t know which you are referring to, the med or the smoking. Do you need your delusions. Why do you fear them being taken away?

The smoking from letting the risperdal from working

It might. It’s always a good idea to quit smoking. I did, 3 1/2 years ago.

I smoke an e cigarette and was concerned it would effect risperidone. My psychiatrist says smoking decreases risperidone. I came across studies online that say nicotine doesn’t effect it, something else in tobacco does though. Quitting would raise blood levels according to my doctor.

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The chemicals in cigarettes affect all types of medications, not only APs. Isolated nicotine has no effect on meds.


When i was in hospital i was told by a nurse that if your not smoking u need less coffee she said it was the same for medications too.