Can silence be violent?

can silence be violent?

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I think so…if someone u love refuses to even whisper in your direction, the pain hurts just as much as if they hit u… like a parent being disappointed rather than spanking…

Sure can. My silences tend to be.

Brave men tell the truth
The wise man tools are analogies and puzzles
A woman holds her tongue
Knowing silence will speak for her

When a women gets quiet on you - look out! Most of the time they’re holding a grudge or not telling you everything they think.

“Nonviolence means not only avoiding external physical violence, but avoiding internal violence of spirit.” - Martin Luther King Jr

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Something about silence makes me sick
Cuz silence can be violent sorta like a slit wrist
-‘fistful of steel’ rage against the machine


There are pretty brutal things that can take place in silence. I don’t want to say because I’m pretty sure it would trigger someone. I’m thinking about some pretty graphic examples.

if you have a silencer.

lol lol just kidding.

Google define violence as “(especially of an emotion or unpleasant or destructive natural force) very strong or powerful.” so it is possible, I think…

Silences launch wars.

yeah, especially when it hides things that could wipe out many lives.
silence is good in that way.
i guess that’s why i keep my mouth sewed shut and my limbs tied up.
better they hear my silence
than see what it shields

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silence can be violent, in the sense of “intense in force, effect, etc.; severe; extreme.” (

but in the sense of destructive force, silence is not violent.

It still causes an inner conflict in the body. If it builds up then it eventually escalates to violence. It is not destructive immediately but it is destructive to the “psyche” or whatever you want to call it; it is not healthy nor productive to the individual.

I say this because my twin has a way of getting pissed at me for not “being expressively violent”. He insists that it’s healthy to “vent”. I say its healthier to address just what it is that makes you “want” to vent in the first place. Of course, he insists that my inclination towards not wanting to “vent” is unhealthy. He was right to an extent.

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