Can schizophrenics get a gun license in canada?

I cant join the military and take meds so i was thinking of working as an armoured guard for an armoured truck company.

I called a rcmp line and they said “schizophrenia shouldnt stop you from trying”.

Just wondering if any canadians here have obtained a license.

Dude… Why do you so desperately want a gun ? :confused:

This is literally the first time ive mentioned guns on this forum…

Not to mention i say why i want a gun in the above post.

Also why is everyone on the damn planet against schizophrenics having guns? What were all aiming to kill someone?

im not sure to be honest. i think thats a great career opportunity. You should research more about it …actually lemme see if i can find anything…

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Yes. And you come across like you’re desperate to get your hands on one. Which is very concerning.

Yeah because i want to work in the armoured security industry. I was going to join the military…that was the plan since i was 11 years old. I need a gun before i can get a job as per the job description indicates.

How do i seem desperate though?

Do you just want a job that will give you a gun ? :neutral_face:

I have a crap ton of guns, but I’m not in Canada. I dont know what the process is like up in your parts.

guns are pretty locked down here. handguns are not permitted for your average citizen, only hunting guns as far as i understand it

Good luck with that one.
I’m sure they won’t accept you.

For the record I shouldn’t own a gun.

If i just wanted a gun, ie: power, then id get a gun and stay on disability. I want a career path that is lucrative and high risk. Why? Idk…a death wish? Who knows, maybe!

Armoured guard will lead to private security overseas which is risky stuff and big bucks. What i cant want an interesting life?


Well for the most part i can say “gee thanks”. Appreciate no one answering the question i posed and just ridiculing me for wanting a gun…not interested in more negative comments.

@ninjastar please close thread

apologies to anyone if i upset you, but i want the thread closed as im only getting hot heated and dont want to snap at you awesome people (btw not being sarcastic. You guys overall are great. Again, my apologies for this)

i think there will most likely be some sort of psychological exam or atleast some kind of “Disabilities” question on an application somewhere along the way. i cant really find anything on it, but it seems like it might be difficult and possibly in coming years not possible as gun laws are increasingly becoming stricter especially for the mentally ill

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Thanks for looking into that and informing me about the coming stricter gun laws.

I would try. It cant hurt. You’re already at a no if you dont try.


ok i found the answer i think hold on

@anon99233869 if you want this opened back up, just let me know.