Can schizophrenics be admitted to a seminary?

Do you guys know if people with psychosis and possibly a paranoid schizophrenia can be admitted to a seminary to study religion and become a priest? I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid sz 5 years ago but now it might be just a psychosis, i will have a complete evaluation next month so i know what i have fore sure. I became very interested in Christianity and God after seeing an Angel and a demon by a church, and also after seeing God in my dream. So i would like to attend a seminary to become a priest, however on the application to the seminary it asks if i have any mental problems. I am wondering if i tell them that i have been treated for paranoid sz but that it turned out to be a psychosis whether i will be admitted or is it a big NO right away for people with mental problems to become priests?

I think if it asks right there on the application, it’s probably a red flag for them.

I wouldn’t lie… If it asks tell the truth…

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Er… Having a problem with communicating with invisible beings disqualifies you from a profession where you do more of the same? If anything it should put you on the fast track.

I become religious when I’m delusional. I’ve seen angels stuck in the walls that needed to be saved. Lucky me I had some brain activity left, I did not smash the walls at home.

If you have been burned maybe you should not play with fire.