Can People Tell If You Have Schizophrenia And Make Rude Comments?

The most annoying comments are " you always look lost! Are you lost?" Or “why are you lost” What does that phrase mean anyways? :sunny:

Pure strangers have never said anything to me. There are a few cousins who I’m still cautious and not too open with. I have one brother who just sets me off. It gets to me that pure strangers are sometimes nicer then my own family. That’s what hurts sometimes.

I had one cousin who just loved to mess with me. He said something that I don’t really remember what it was, but it really pissed off my 6 year old kid sister. She hauled off and punched him in the nuts. He’s amended his ways. Don’t mess with the tiny red head.


Sometimes i think people can, but thinking about it, i believe there’s a delusion somewhere about this perception since not everyone is a true prophet (if you know what i mean).

Things I can’t stand hearing:

Smile, it’s not that bad.
You need to talk more.
What do you do for fun?
Whatcha been up to lately?
Get a job yet?

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The ones I usually get are “why are you so sad?” Or “what’s wrong?” Even if I’m in a perfectly good mood.

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Every time someone asks me “Are you alright man”? I respond, ‘Do I look alright’? There is nothing wrong with me, so why are they asking if I am alright? Bottom line it gets on our nerves when being questioned. If someone were to ask me ‘Are you sad’? I’d fire right back, ‘No, does it look like I’m sad?’ Put the person asking you in the crossfire.

your sister cracks me up…i am still laughing !
take care

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people did always know i was a sz , but then i took the sign of my fore head and things are cool now !
take care

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I think this all the time! I think that were easily messed with and people can sense it even if they don’t know they can. People say things like that to me too. I actually quit going to dog parks because certain people would ask me things that triggered me. Some people would refer to my dog and his actions and relate them to who I am as a person. No thank u random stranger posing as a psychiatrist!

“Can people tell if you have Schizophrenia and make rude comments”?
Should they??

May I ask what is rude about asking someone if they are lost or need help?

There have been lots of times where my son has asked me if I’m mad because I looked mad. I wasn’t mad. Sometimes our facial expressions do not accurately reflect what we are feeling or thinking.

There are times when I ask my son if he is ok. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m showing that I care. Same with strangers asking you if you are lost. Maybe they are just trying to help because they think you look lost. When this happens maybe try answering with: No I’m not lost but thank you for offering to help.


I completely agree. Perceiving a comment as hurtful does not mean it’s intended as rude. My recurrent comment was “you are hiding something” or “you are sad”. And it was true, I was hiding unwillingly the scars of a childhood of abuse, also my SZ that flourished as a result, therefore the sadness. Did they try to find vulnerabilities? Were they rude? No. They were just trying to be empathetic.


As a stranger, if I wanted to know if the person is a schizophrenic I only have one indication to notice, which is the eyes, migrated eyes to upstairs, second; if I had more time to spend with him/her then I look for his/her interaction in the conversation, mostly if the person is a schizo then there would be so little exchanging of words, and he/she would be absent minded…though it’s not an a general indication to tell, because I only have the migrated eyes which I had them lately when I got bad psychosis, but I didn’t have it all the time before that, and I interact very normally that no one can tell that I am different :wink: im often told that I’m so natural, I laugh inside.

Whenever i laugh on my own thoughts or talk to myself than, those that are aware of schizophrenia knows it but majority of people don’t know the symptoms of schizophrenia.

i used to really hate it when people asked if i had emotions in junior high. i just had really bad insomnia AND WAS ALWAYS TIRED :confused:

Maybe we’re not ready to accept the empathy of others in such a direct fashion. Because it hurts.

I feel a bit bad about the times I’ve put my family on egg shells. I’ve snapped, “WHAT, Do I look pissed off?!”
If they ask, “how are you today.” I used to take great offense thinking they thought I was sick or not doing well.

My sis will ask “how’s your day going.” That one doesn’t bother me. But now that I know I put my family on egg shells sometimes, I have to pause and come back and rethink it.

I turn vicious when I hear “What Did You Do Today?”

The most hurtful comments for me, comes from the family members that know I have sza. Strangers really don’t make comments to me. My brother, who can be very angry because of his fast paced lifestyle said to me the other night - " why don’t you go talk to your shrink" just because I disagreed with him on something. My father will say “go take klonopin” many times to me when I voice an opinion he is not in agreement with. These are forms of abuse. They know my condition - they know better. Strangers who comment do not know about the situation - it could be innocent.

@Wave Yes, I have to admit that the intentional remarks of this kind (saying “go take your meds” instead of arguing as an adult) made by family members are a real nuisance. For a long time I took all of them to heart. Now I tend to simply lose respect for that member of the family, almost have pity, as it’s not me they are abusing, it’s their intelect they are neglecting by behaving so immaturely.

I live with my husband and sometimes with my in-laws, and the thing is - they have chosen to be with me through all of this, they really have to know better and avoid malicious remarks of this kind. But if they don’t sometimes, at least I know I’m not the one who lost it - and feel proud of myself for keeping my temper and my straight logic while being the only SZ in the house. :smiley: