Can people be too unwell for trauma therapy?

I’m asking a question I have the answer
I think it can help
Maybe a little
Maybe miraculously

Trust is the issue

What do you mean by trauma-therapy? Like re-living traumatic events?

In my experience there’s two types of people, those who are crushed by previous trauma over and over for the rest of their lives and those who just bury it and move on. However I get the feeling a trained psychologist would say neither of those are healthy ways to cope.

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EMDR the eye movement thing
Just been watching
The body keeps the score
On YouTube

She’s heard of it
She’s read about it
She’s wanted to go to a live in place for treatment

But she keeps on changing her mind and not trusting

This is new to me, I just started reading about it. I’m not sure why they combine eye movements with psychotherapy. It seems like they think the distraction helps.

If someone was paying for it, I’d try basically anything. Except Electro-shock therapy that is.

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It’s important for us me and mum to get her to trust enough To go

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Maybe you could have the doctor or whoever does the therapy talk to her on the phone and reassure her?

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Good idea.
I think she would have to initiate but they can arrange a time
The more our mum and I stay away the better

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It’s a 1h 40 video I’ve just rewatched
Maybe have a look into it

It’s hugely more effective than Prozac for PTSD

And I think you can need only a few sessions
I hope you find a way