Can our aps help us against a ''dying'' brain and the dead energy of ours?

Its something on which I wonder. Since always I get tired very easy. In my teens after school all I wanted is to sleep. Its sometimes in the day that I lack so badly an energy that I drag my feet on the ground… My interests are falling apart, the emotions start to get dead, the vividness of my body is decreasing. One doc told me that I probably lack energy cause I have intrusive obsessive thoughts. For the psychiatry its not such a bad symptom but being a bit like zombie for all day long is not good in order to live a happy active life I find.
Now I fight hardly against this but I think its beyond my struggle. I wonder if meds will help against this ‘‘low’’ energy…

It’s okay I turn into a zombie on meds too. Less with what I’m on thankfully.

I try not to think about it as dying. Sure we lose brain matter but it’s more malfunctioning than dying.

Yes, I understand you. It was just a feeling that my brain is dead not a reality. The depression doesn’t arrange the things either. But I was always depressed. Now I fight this which is good :slight_smile: I take food supplements too - omegas, vitamins etc etc.

Depression is tough on anyone. I haven’t felt depressed for long periods of time lately.

A lot of people use sarcosine and l-theanine as supplements. For the dead energy. I haven’t tried them.

Modern meds will help with positives…the downside is you need to look out for depression and negatives.

I suffer mad depression with the schizophrenia. It’s probably more depression than schizophrenia. It can be like that.

I take some serious meds for depression. That helps me but it’s not fun. You really need to address this with your treatment team!

As to your question. Antipsychotics most likely lead to new neural links and may actually help against brain damage ( ie untreated psychosis ). There’s two things here and you need to address the later!

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Good point to bring up. I was of anti psychotics for awhile and I could feel my brain losing matter, it’s been harder to recover completely with meds. So my advice is not to go off meds because when you come back on them it will be even worse than before you stopped.