Can one person

can one person change the world?

  • yes
  • no

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Most people need help or support to make a difference in the world. Most politicians for example who changed the world, did not do it alone. They had plenty of help and support on the way up. And that’s true of most leaders of countries, or scientists or military leaders or musicians etc. Or janitors.


A kind person doing good deeds can change the world around him or herself.


99% of the worlds population are sheep,
1% the leader.
It’s plausible.

I answered yes but now that I think about it, it takes everybody pitching in to change the world. It needs to be a group effort. One person can’t do it alone. But one amazing leader can inspire the world and, in that sense, change the world alone.

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I don’t understand the question. If I drove to the ocean and poured in several gallons of bleach, I think the world would change and we know that tiny changes in one location can mean big changes elsewhere. Or are you talking about a singular heroic figure doing something big to make an enormous impact?

If the person presses the red button to launch the nukes then yes.

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