Can OCD and SZ work as antagonists, even rivals?

The onset of my SZ was both very slow and insidious -presumably I’d been for decades in the sz spectrum- and sudden -I went from feeling fine to feeling poorly in a matter of seconds. Up to then, my OCD had been dominant, which to some extent helped me ‘filter’ the outside world, always through the prism of sound logic and common sense. Comes sz and suddenly my OCD is nearly gone. Coincidence?

That is very strange maby its the medication because antipsychotics can help with OCD

Some ADs can definitely help with OCD, but I didn’t get medicated until later on. By then the changes had already taken effect.

Thats really strange so which was worse for you the schizophrenia or OCD?

Before onset last year, I probably only had schizotypal disorder rather than fullo-blown sz. Back then my OCD was a great deal worse.

I think my ocd makes my schizophrenia worse because I have intrusive thoughts and obsess and read into them. I think Aspergers helps me because my delusions are quantum processes.


I guess the draw yields different outcomes.

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I have obsessive-compulsive thoughts when I’m not taking my ap’s, or before I was medicated.
It never went into full-blown OCD, but it was pretty frustrating at times

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