Can numbness be a symptom of schizophrenia?

Emotional numbness is one thing. But I barely feel touch, my face is so numb it’s almost like there’s no sensory input at all. The latest weeks it’s gotten worse, and when I eat the muscles of my lips are so hard to control, I can’t firmly close them around the spoon and I spill. The general numbness of the skin has been with me for about a decade.

There are numerous reasons you could be experiencing this. See a Dr and a neurologist.

Do you take meds?

I am better while I am on antibiotics, for reasons unknown. And the last month I’ve been off and the worsening began short after.

I am also on double the normal Ambien dose, but I have been on triple and quadruple doses before without any such effects.

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Like flat affect. ? It depends when it started. What caused it. What was different in your diet,environment,or routine before you got the symptoms

My emotions are so diluted there’s barely anything left, although my affect is fairly normal.

But the problem that’s got worse now is numbness of the skin. Which I also struggle with. I am not sure if they are related, and it’s just the numbness of the body that’s worsening, especially the face. My lips and cheeks and everything is getting harder and harder to feel.

Numbness can be caused by restricted blood flow or just substances that altars the sensory receptors. You want to go to the hospital first ,

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Thank you. Now that you mention it, the veins inside both my cheeks and inside my upper lip are bulging. It could be there’s something abnormal with the blood flow. My chin, cheeks and lips are numb, rest of the body too, but especially the face.

I kind of wonder if there could be some sort of general inflammation going on.