Can nothingness have a voice of its own?

Summing up: Pseudo-ego cogito, ergo sum.


Nothing is a Word.

So Yes, It, He/She Exists… . … :100:

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If I can find a cool place by a window at night as I lay in bed - fresh cool air coming in and on my face slightly, as I lay there I listen ever so intently to the world. It is in this exercise I slowly acknowledge each sound I hear and focus on each sound I hear till I know what it is. It is this exercise I find so delightful.

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$he <<[— She (1997 Radiohead).

Thank you for this

Nothingness is the God i believe in


Yes voices come out of nothing.

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emptiness , voidness, openness, thusness, etc. Śūnyatā (Sanskrit: शून्यता, romanized: śūnyatā; Pali: suññatā) – pronounced in English as /ʃuːnˈjɑː.tɑː/ (shoon-ya-ta), translated most often as emptiness and sometimes voidness – is a Buddhist concept which has multiple meanings depending on its doctrinal context.

But there is a contradiction: If anything has a name, it has a meaning and thus a substance or voice. It’s an long tradition in buddhist philosophy to find a concept devoid of meaning without ending in this contradiction.

Kenny Roger sang in “Me and Bobby MacGee”: “Nothing aint worth nothing, but it’s free”

There is a buddhist saying: “Know yourself like water mixed with water.”


I suppose that for sz folk the question is whether this nothingness can be endowed with some form of subjective structure.

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Yes. When i was diagnosed 30 years ago, i felt nothing, i had no thoughts, i didn’t knew what to answer, when the psychiatrist asked: “Who do you think you are, what is your understanding of yourself?”

I guess the most severe cases of sz questions the whole concept of the self. Its definitely not a question about identity, identity is a very superficial concept/thing.

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