Can my psychiatrist do this?

I don’t know if this makes sense.
Last time I talked to my pdoc she agreed to take me off of all Antipsychotics and see how I do.
She prescribed me a Mood stabilizer and she wanted me to go up to 1000mg.

I saw her today and told her that so far I was doing fine without an AP and I am not experiencing mania or depression.
I also told her that I did not take the Depakote (Mood Stabilizer)

I told her that the only symptom I am displaying is intense irritability and anger directed towards my father - I live with him and my mother.

My father can be controlling and emotionally abusive towards me from time to time.

After I told her this she asked me if she can include my father in our session - she wanted to talk to him as well.

I think that she is concerned with my Anger issues - Anger and irritability can also be part of the AP withdrawal process.

So my father joined in our session - she gave us a 45 minute therapy session.

At the end of the session she told me that as long as I am refusing to take all meds my father has to join in our sessions from now on.

She said that I don’t have to take 1000mg of Depakote and that if my anger gets worse or if I start to cycle I can take 500mg of Depakote.

She finally said that if I decide to start taking the prescribed meds, I can start seeing her by myself without my father being present.

This sounds like I am being punished for choosing not to take my meds.

Does this make sense?

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the depakote should help with the anger - normal dose is around 750. But if you think you can handle th enager without med and she is good with that - should be fine. Just have it available if you need it

I think having your father there is her way of trying to help not punish.

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What do you mean @mjgh06 why does she want my father to join in our sessions if I am not medicated?

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I would feel punished too, and wonder why she’d require your father there when she knows he can be controlling and abusive to you, sounds like that will only give him more fuel to use against you, which in my opinion is not something you’d want nor need.

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@Csummers. She was kind of taking my side and was being hard on my father.

I have a feeling she wants him there too so she can make sure he does not lose his temper with me.

She is also a therapist and wants to make sure that things don’t get out of hand since we both live under the same roof.

Its starting to make sense to me a little more.


Ah yeah, I think your right, that does sound better.
Good that she is helping you and will keep her eye on the situation so it don’t escalate.

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This seems like a strange situation to me.

How was your father after the session?

He appreciated her advice to him.

My father and brother are also both mentally ill, they both have quick tempers.

My father seemed to be a bit calmer with me after the session.


At least some positive came from it.

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that is what I was talking about - she knows you have this built up anger and she wants your father to face his issues and how he treats you - trying to help you not hurt or punish you.

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They can really do anything they want unless you’re in a position to show up with lawyers. I’ve tried repeatedly to request records from people only to recieve a few pages obviously written up for the occasion. Only to find out years later that my father had eventually requested the same records and got them (in total disregard to my rights as a patient) I knew someone in a simlar situation whose father demanded transcripts of all records kept from both therapists and doctors and did so on the basis that he or his insurance was paying and demanded the right. (it was basically a gag in this persons mouth in reality)

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I hope this helps with your relationship with your father. Getting him into see a therapist is probably the best thing you can get out of this situation. This might be a turning point in your relationship. Having a pdoc talk to him about your symptoms may have more weight than when you talk to him.

I’m in a bad place right now, because my mom hurt her back again. They also found out that she has a heart arithmia. She fell flat on her back after being dizzy and blacking out. We spent 8 hours in the ER yesterday. They didn’t Xray her lower back which is where she feels the pain. She has had a fractured vertebra before.

I’m tired of going to the hospital with her. This has been happening every 6 months. I am really tired. I might not be able to go to my original school this semester. I haven’t been able to find a place either.

I wish my mom would go see a therapist.

Thank you for your support @metime
I am sorry that you are going through a rough time right now.
I hope that your Mom gets better.
We all go through some rough times but I am sure that things will get better for you soon.
Bad times don’t last forever.


Aw! Thank you! It helps coming here with all of you and you especially @Wave!
We’ve gone down this road before, so I hope she recovers like she did last time.

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If in US you can get HIPPA involved and file a civil complaint and they will get all of your records to you - no cost to file the complaint.

I just want to say how wonderful you are. You are woNDerFUL! :tulip::rose::cherry_blossom::hibiscus::sunflower::blossom:
You have so much going on in your life and you always take time to respond to all of us about our crap.


Hi mjgh06…
I can’t post on that other topic but wanted to say this to reply to you, and I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything!

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No you apologized and that is fine. You don’t have to leave this is a public forum. Just know is causes a lot of problems with most of us and paranoia and just not good to do without asking first. No hard feelings -

Ok, and I got over my paranoia, recovered. I used to be way paranoid, and some paranoia is actually healthy… I have seen 15 year old girls pics taken from Facebook and used on foreign dating sites as 19 year olds, and its all a money scam…
I also don’t like the idea of you can’t edit after 10 minutes or however long, not very long, because i was going to delete for her and couldn’t :frowning:

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