Can my Mom get paid to be my caretaker?

I won’t be able to be self-reliant for a long time.

I think that if you have Medicaid, family members can get paid to be caretakers - Don’t have all the details

I’ve heard of that, my mother in law’s brother’s girlfriend got paid here in Indiana for being his caretaker. My partner wants me to look into it for her. But I figure if I do the checking they will figure I may not need her.

Never heard of that…I`m checking into it for myself!

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Check through Medicaid and department of aging

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Thanks! Dept. of Aging?

That’s what I was told something like that or department of labor its called area 5 near me here in indiana

**Thank you-I live in KY and will check this out! :relaxed: **

if you were in the uk your mum could get carers allowance for you if you are deemed to have an illness of some sort which affects your daily life. i think its £60 or something but i’m not certain.

In the UK Carer’s Allowance is paid as £55 a week.

Varies from state to state. Some are very liberal. Some require easy-to-obtain certifications one can get with study books or brief courses. Some are not hip to this at all.

@dbranch One can find out by contacting their local county health dept. or dept. of public social services.