Can my injection be forced on me if I don't have a treatment order?

What did he suffer from?

@Winterblues …youre liked and respected here on the forum…we’d miss you of you left…by the way suicide is never the answer…please never consider it…you are at a low ebb, get yourself checkedin to a psych hospital,…you need some therapy

PTSD and I think bipolar

@Winterblues …when I was down, depressed, I considered suicide…but my uncle told me only cowards commits suicide, and that he would pi*ss on my grave if I did it…that actually helped me a lot…I got through the depression and life improved…suicide is never the answer…you hurt loads of people

there is hope when you have depression…it eases with time and patience

That isn’t love or concern. THAT is abuse. Who the he!! Tells someone to starve themselves.

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I’m trying to get through it. I can picture my family saying that. Thanks

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@Winterblues does your bf have a severe mental illness?
He shouldn’t be saying things to hurt you.

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Yea he does 15151515151

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You will get a court appointed lawyer. I would like, cancel the existing appointment, And then Get a psychiatric advanced directive the exact legal way. It should say, no invega or anything unless it is a pill form. I have been through this a few times.

:sunflower: You will survive this injection if it happens. Best I got. Peace to you Cis (I am cis too).

I grew up with a verbally abusive Mammy, She was mean to me. I think I was the exact dark skin color.
Anyhoo, she lives with me now. Occassionally she is verbally abusive and that relates to alcohol. I am disabled by schizo-affect me disorder. Anyhoo…Push thru this as best as you can. I love this forum!

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