Can melatonin make you paranoid?

Like seriously… I’m paranoid as hell right now (excuse my language) my heart rate is up (according to my watch it’s in the 90’s at resting heart rate) noises are… Weird… By creatures don’t wanna wake my mom… Kinda scared…

I don’t think so, its not a side effect. It made me drowsy and sleepy. Tell your psychiatrist.

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@Aziz. Thanks… I think it may be caused by the stress of yesterday… I was around a LOT of people and ended up with a migraine took an anxiety pill and melatonin before bed monsters after me monsters not real monsters are real Idk right now head buzz buzz buzz

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Yes stress can worsen psychosis. My psychiatrist told me that.

@Aziz. Are monsters real? I’m start not to know right now maybe no can’t be I don’t feel so good I think time wake mom

No they’re not real.